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What are we doing to help you?

What are we doing to help you?

Microsoft Team

  • All apprentices at Riverside Training (Spalding) can take full advantage off all the features within Teams, we can also provide all our students with Microsoft Office 365 Online so you are able to use Word, Excel PowerPoint and many more Office Applications. (All laptops provided by Riverside Training already have all Microsoft features installed and activated)
  • For more information here is a quick tutorial video on how to use Teams: CLICK ME


  • All apprentices also have contact information for priority staff if they need to contact them for remote lessons or support through an additional resource (Zoom). Similar to Teams students can ask for help to set up accounts to gain a remote communication bridge to staff.
  • For more information here is a quick tutorial video on how to use Zoom: CLICK ME

Laser Learning

  • We have our own online e-portfolio system which allows apprentices to access lesson resources, upload work and receive feedback. All students are given access to this site and are given a brief instruction on how it works.
  • Students can login to Laser Learning here: CLICK ME

Our current Remote Education offers:

  • Fortnightly workshops will be remote (Teams or Zoom) planned by the relevant assessor.
  • Monthly contact sessions to plan/feedback/direct observations/professional discussions will be remote (Teams, Zoom, Whatsapp or by phone) planned by the relevant assessor.
  • Laser learning to be accessed by learners for virtual learning. Text books, internet, setting’s policies & procedures and assessors resources are also used to support the learner.
  • Monthly feedback and planning by the assessor to continue. Assessors can be contacted as normal by emails, laser learning and phone.
  • Practical evidence to be gained (subject to advice from NCFE) via remote direct observations (confidentiality and permission agreements from setting and parents), witness testimonies and reflective accounts.
  • Monthly IQA carried out remotely.
  • Those learners needing specialist equipment or support will continue to receive these subject to their individual needs. If these change during ‘lockdown’, the needs will be assessed and supported as needed.
  • If learners are without devices, Riverside Training will loan them a laptop for a small deposit subject to their needs. The settings also need to support their apprentices by giving them the time for off job training, giving access to the internet for their course work and space to do this in (staff room/office). Also by giving them access to monthly meetings with their assessor and support with the practical aspects of their course work, completing witness testimonies or direct observations.
  • Expectations of learners – to attend the setting if safe to do so (subject to Government and setting’s advice), to action planning by assessors and submit within the target date. To attend planned sessions with their assessor. To practice/revise for functional skill exams or to upskill. To sit exams when booked (subject to Ofqual advice). To complete the required off job training hours (approx. 24 hrs per month). To access laser learning regularly for virtual lessons, planning and feedback. To notify assessor or Riverside Training if there are any changes in their employment or that may affect their learning. To complete any further requirements from the funding provider (workbooks, health and safety, equality and diversity questions). To complete 10/12 weekly progress reviews.

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