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Information and Guidance Policy

Information and Guidance Policy

Riverside Training (Spalding) Ltd Training is aware of the importance of effective IAG delivery. It is important for each staff member to understand that they must not offer guidance in areas outside of their occupational competence.

Our IAG policy will outline how IAG is provided, who is competent to provide it and when. IAG is available to learners and companies free of charge throughout the duration of their enrolment. Staff may offer information and advice by engaging learners with the web based resources and advice on pre – determined areas where said member of staff is authorised as occupationally competent.

Information advice and guidance must be provided to each learner upon request but should be discussed irrespectively at the following stages:

  1. a) Initially during learner induction
  2. b) 12 week reviews between learner, employer and tutor on the progress of your course.
  3. c) Finally as the learner leaves the programme IAG will be offered.

It is policy that any IAG request be acknowledged and recorded via email, telephone or mail within 24 hours from receipt and a response or signposting must be performed within 5 working days from initial request.

All IAG requests must be recorded, and retained by the IAG Coordinator upon completion, with a note of the request retained in the learners file. The record will serve to demonstrate that Riverside Training (Spalding) Ltd has delivered against its time frame commitment. It will not be required to note the request specifically if it has any possibility of breaching the confidentiality policy and any current data protection legislation.

Riverside Training (Spalding) Ltd will:

Provide information about our courses, their characteristics including cost to employer.

Provide information regarding course funding and criteria.

Provide information about other local training courses and support services.

Signpost and refer people to other training services and support services.

Provide a description of our IAG service.

Keep up to date a display of leaflets and brochures from other local training providers (or web links).

Provide help with writing CVs, applications and job search skills

Provide web based access for learners out of centre, to use for both learning as well as accessing local training and support services.

Provide advice on possible careers related to our training courses.

Offer basic skills and learning styles assessments and to signpost where these will assist in achievement and progression.

Provide Information, advice and guidance on all options open to learners.

Riverside Training (Spalding) Ltd will not

Provide other information about our company (apart from that relating to course characteristics).

Provide advice or opinion about other local training courses and support services.

Provide information about training courses and support services outside our geographical area.

Provide internet access for reasons other than carrying out learning and assessment and allowing learners access to other training and support services.

Provide any advice and guidance relating to personal relationships and difficulties other than signposting to qualified services providers.

Will not promote one company above another.

Our Principles for IAG Services

Our service is delivered in accordance with the nationally recognised matrix quality standard

(www.matrixstandard.com) and we adhere to the following principles:

Accessible and Visible

IAG services should be recognised and trusted by our learners, have convenient entry points from which learners may be signposted or referred to the services they need,


Professional and Knowledgeable

IAG frontline staff should have the skills and knowledge to identify quickly and effectively the learner’s needs. They should have the skills and knowledge either to address the learners needs or to signpost or to refer them to suitable alternative provision

Effective Connections

Links between IAG services should be clear from the learner’s perspective. Where necessary learners are supported in their transition between services

Availability, Quality and Delivery of IAG services

IAG services should be targeted at the needs of learners, and be informed by social and economic priorities at local, regional and national levels


The range of IAG services will reflect the diversity of our learner needs


IAG services should support learners to make informed decisions about learning and work based on the learner’s needs and circumstances


IAG services should reflect learners present and future needs


IAG services should encourage learners to engage successfully with the service


IAG services should encourage and support learners to become lifelong learners by enabling them to access and use information to plan their careers, supporting learners to explore the implications or both learning and work in their future career plans



Learners should be aware of the IAG services that are relevant to them, and have well informed choices.

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