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Complaints Procedure Policy

What is a complaint?
‘We define a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction with our service
which calls for a response’

Riverside Training is committed to providing a quality service for all learners,
employers and stakeholders. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve
our service is by listening and responding to the views of learners, employers and

Riverside Training will thoroughly investigate any complaint, whether informal or
formal, relating to the day-to-day operation of RTL and the standards of service we
provide. Areas excluded from this policy are:

• Assessment decisions or examination results where other forms of redress are
more appropriate (see your Candidate handbook). Employment issues which
are covered by staff Grievance Procedures.
•If you have a complaint about any aspect of Riverside operations please let us know
by following the complaints procedure below.
• Discuss the problem with the member of staff concerned. For those individuals
who are unsure as to whom to contact in the first instance they should contact
the Reception desk of RTL who will direct you to the relevant Manager to deal
with the issue. See Informal Complaints below.
• If you are not happy with their response, talk to the Managing Director, Susan
Bulbeck, RTL, telephone 01775 710945, email
• Written complaints can be sent to Susan Bulbeck, Managing Director,
Riverside Training (Spalding) Ltd Unit 4/7 Broadgate House Westlode Street
Spalding. PE11 2AF.Any letter submitted should clearly set out the
circumstances of the complaint. See Formal Complaints below.
• If no action is taken to resolve the issue, ask to speak to the Chief Executive.
Although she is not always available in person, RTL can provide a direct
telephone line to her.

There are three main areas of the complaints policy and procedures; informal
complaints, formal complaints and appeals. There is a separate simplified
Complaints Procedure document which clearly lays out who to contact and the

Informal Stage

• In most instances informal complaints will not receive a formal written
response but nevertheless must be dealt with promptly. Responsibility for the
prompt follow up of informal complaints will lie with the relevant manager. The
manager should endeavour to resolve the complaint but should refer it if it is
evident that a resolution is not likely to be met. This should be done to prevent
it becoming a more serious matter.
• Every learner & employer must be made aware of their right to complain about
unreasonable behaviour or failure by RTL staff or trainees.
• No matter how insignificant staff may consider a complaint, it is essential that
all complaints are taken seriously and are perceived by the complainer to be
taken seriously.

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• Formal complaints should be submitted in writing and addressed to Susan
Bulbeck, Managing Director, Riverside Training (Spalding) Ltd Unit 4/7
Broadgate House Westlode Street Spalding. PE11 2AF.
• Any other member of staff receiving a formal letter of complaint must pass the
complaint to the Managing Director on the day of receipt together with any
additional information they may hold on the incident. This may help to speed
up the response time.
• A written acknowledgement will be sent within five working days and the
details logged on the Complaints Log book for checking and reporting
purposes. All correspondence will be filed securely.
• Any letter submitted should clearly set out the circumstances of the complaint,
any individuals or witnesses involved and any relevant dates or times. Where
possible, and to provide the greatest opportunity for the complaint to be
actioned, complaints should be submitted in a timely fashion in order to
facilitate a resolution.
• Complaints will be investigated fairly and quickly with the intention of
satisfactorily resolving the matter, identifying the causes and symptoms and
upholding or rejecting the complaint for the benefit of all involved.
• A considered view on the complaint will be made by a member of the Senior
Management Team. They will ensure that a detailed response with evidence is
sent to the Managing Director within the prescribed timescale where
• The Managing Director will respond in writing within fifteen working days from
the date of the receipt of the complaint, detailing of the outcome of the


• If the complainant remains dissatisfied or aggrieved or in disagreement with
the decision made or reasons given, they may appeal against the decision. A
complainant has ten working days in which to submit an appeal. The reason
for the appeal should be clearly stated in writing and sent to the Managing
• A written acknowledgement will be sent by the Managing Director within five
working days. The Appeal Panel will consist of at least two members of the
Senior Management Team who were not involved in dealing with the original
complaint. They will consider all the documentation available relating to the
issues raised.
• The Appeal Panel will respond within fifteen working days from the date of the
receipt of the appeal. If the review of the complaint is going to take more than
fifteen working days, the Managing Director will send a further holding letter.
The decision at the end of this stage is final and will be communicated in
• If RTL cannot settle the complaint to the satisfaction of the person involved,
then a complaint may be referred to The Skills Funding Agency, Pacific House,
Reading, Tel: 0118 908 2157. Further details can be found
at: http://skillsfundingagency.bis.gov.uk/aboutus/contactus/complaints/

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